Days Like These

It’s 5pm, I turn on my worship music (Kari Jobe, Laura Story, Kathryn Scott, and a few others scattered in) determined to tackle the dishes that piled up from company last night. Today wasn’t unproductive. Did some spring cleaning (scrubbed down the garbage cans and the high chair out on the deck with the kids), put together a special gift for some dear people (today was the deadline), exercised, took things out to the garage, played outside, and kept the kids fed. 🙂 But I still hadn’t washed any dishes all day! (Just an fyi, when you don’t have a dishwasher, and you have 2 little kids, dishes pile up quickly if you don’t do a small batch earlier in the day.)

Often, on these days when Scott works later, it is tempting to do things like wash dishes and clean the kitchen while the children eat their dinner and I can eat mine either while I work, or later when I’m done and the kids are playing. Today was one of those days. I wasn’t too far into my washing before the kids were hungry, and I realized that we sort of skipped snack time and they were ready for dinner. So, Andy pickes Peas as tonight’s vegetable and I pull out their bowls. Yes, sometimes they eat their veggies frozen. At least when it comes to peas and corn. (It all started when I thought it’d make a fun snack one day. Then I realized that they ate way more if they were frozen then cooked, so since I’m not a pea fan, we eat them frozen.) I put my dinner (it’s a night for leftovers and sandwiches) in the toaster oven, and get back to washing while they’re eating their frozen peas. As I’m singing I think, “oh, I’ll just make their sandwiches and keep washing until they’re ready to get up. It will be so much easier that way, since they won’t be trying to “help me” with the dishes.” Then I get it. That little prick from God reminding me of the wise advice my Mom gave me recently. “Don’t get so caught up in your housework that you don’t engage with the children, when they need you too.”

So when my food is done, I dry my hands and sit down with the children. We laugh, we talk. You know, they “talk” and I try to interpret what they’re telling me. We are all done at the same time. The kids go play while I clear the table and high chair. I get back to my washing, and Nan pulls a chair over to the sink beside me. She pauses before climbing up, looking into my eyes with a questioning look, and I smile and nod knowing she was asking if she could help,or if I’d tell her “no”. Thank you Lord for those eye opening moments!

I almost did tell her “no”, but I remembered that the last several times I was just finishing the last dish when she came over and she was so disappointed. At 13 months old, she loves “helping mommy” and doing whatever I’m doing. They both do, But Nan, definitely more so. It makes me so proud, yet humbles me at the same time. For one, how do I continue to encourage that helping, serving spirit in both of them? I pray about it quite often! And two, I have to be extra careful exactly what I do and how I do it. They pick up on everything and copy it if not immediately, at a later time. Now that is scary! It has made me pray all the more for God to mold so that I reflect only Christ.