I know I’ve been a little quiet over the last week and a half. I have been very tired lately and less than 2 weeks ago took the above pregnancy test! As you can see, it’s positive!!! Of course, I then realized that the funny feelings in my tummy after breakfast the last few mornings was  morning sickness, and since taken the test, I have gotten more sick with each passing day. The other day it was a migraine mixed with nausea, and today it was extreme shakiness/nausea/dizziness that lasted pretty much the entire day. When I woke up I could barely stand, but after slowly getting some nutrition into me, I was feeling well enough to function, just on a very slow level. My days have consisted of naps with the kids, lots of lemon water, and sea salt water, trying to stay on top of housekeeping and taking it easy during this sick trimester! After one of my emotional days, we decided it would be best to switch to paper and plastic dishes as much as possible, for now to help with lessening the amount of dishes that need washing. It was made the dishes so much less overwhelming!

We are very excited to welcome our 3rd Little Apple into the family sometime right after Christmas. My due date is December 24th, but both my babies have been 12 and 14 days late. So we are planning for sometime around January 6th. We are so excited, and Andy can’t wait to have his “my baby at my house”. 🙂 Every time we’ve visited new babies recently, he’s wanted to have his own. I can’t wait to see the two of them with their baby brother or sister!

This has set back some planned posts, as I have not been on the computer much. But I’m hoping to get finished on them and finally post the review of Embracing Beauty soon!

This week we are enjoying visiting with our friends at SevenFarmgirlSisters and celebrating my birthday! All while, hopefully not being too sick so I can enjoy it all!