Apple/Pumpkin Picking





Did you enjoy the pictures? I’m writing this post on my phone (yes, we entered the 21st century and have iPhones now) and am not too familiar with HTML so decided it’d be best to not write about the pictures above. As you can see my little apples are getting bigger!
Last Sunday after some grocery shopping, I took the kids to the nearest orchard (about 10 minutes away compared to 25 minutes like last year) hoping to get some peaches before they were gone. But alas, the owners had picked all that was left the day before. 😦 Andy didn’t mind as his favorite fruit is apples. So it became a solely Apple picking trip… Although as you can see we brought home some pumpkins too.
As always, I’ve been trying to savor time, minutes, moments here and there with my kids. Like when we got to the orchard, Andy was the only one not napping, so I decided to sit on the side of the car and play with him. So we chatted for a little bit. Then he got bored and went exploring in the van. It’s interesting what kids find that you didn’t know was hiding. Mostly, I’ve been trying to focus on not rushing. Remaining flexible and relaxed. It can be challenging at times… Like when I want to make our orchard trip short as I have groceries to put away and a house to clean at home, but then kids end up falling asleep on the drive and you have to decide to wake them or sit and relax. And them you realize that this is just what you needed to fully enjoy the outing! I know I would have still enjoyed it had I not gotten those moments of rest, but it certainly made it even better! Have you gone apple picking yet? I need to cook up the pumpkins I bought and freeze the purée for pies! A friend recently shared a tip on Facebook- you can put the pumpkin whole in a baking dish in a 400 degree oven for about 1 hour and it’s super easy to cut in half, scoop out the seeds, and then the flesh! Going to try it this week!