Food and Plans

Some days my kids eat PB & J on hamburger buns…..


Some days I do poor planning for dinner and I’m thankful on those days for a hubby who says “don’t worry about it, let’s go to Five Guys!”



And I’m so thankful that even when I don’t plan well, it doesn’t mean I’m a bad wife or mom! Life just throws curveballs at us sometimes…. ALL the time! 🙂


DIY Natural Deoderant


So I have gotten into Essential Oils lately! Namely, DoTERRA essential oils (I do have my reasons for choosing DoTERRA and will blog about it soon)! And when I came across an all natural, easy recipe for making my own deodorant, I was thrilled! I’ve been wanting to stop using the antiperspirant I’ve been using half the time, and am excited to see if my newest recipe works!
The Recipe:
Fill 10ml roller bottle halfway with Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fill 1/2 of the remaining space with Citrus Bliss essential oil blend
And the rest with Lemon essential oil

My alterations:
Before adding the Citrus Bliss and Lemon oils, I added:
5 drops Purify (for it’s cleansing properties and ability to kill odors)
5 drops of Lavender (because I have very sensitive skin and get bumps under my arms after shaving)

First, I absolutely love the scent!!!! It’s so refreshing smelling!!! But then, I am a fan of anything citrus!

I will be posting updates as I test my new deodorant and would love to hear anyone else’s favorite deodorants, or deodorant recipes!

If you want to learn more about how you can purchase essential oils, check out my website:

Coming Back

Hello Blog! It’s me… you know the one who created you like 18 months ago and posted what, 6 times? I’m coming back… I promise! I’ve been planning to for…. 18 months or so, but I really am going to make a “come back”!

To catch up a bit, this is us, May 2013 with baby #3 growing inside me!


Now, as it turns out baby #3, our beloved Christmas baby (yes, you read that right, he was born on CHRISTMAS! At 5:58pm!) is now 7 months old, and we have yet to take a family picture other than a family “selfie” on Easter! And since upgrading to (wait for it)… SMARTPHONES (Yes, I never thought we’d actually join the 21st century and have smartphones), I haven’t gotten those pictures onto my computer yet, so hopefully I can figure out how to write blog posts from my phone! Lol!


Life is busy and full, to say the least, and the battle of the last couple weeks has been finding time to make bread, and so {gasp} I’ve bought 3 loaves of bread… so far! Yes, we try to eat healthy, but it is better to be less stressed, and maybe a little less healthy as a result!


My 3 little apples are growing like crazy and love doing school time! We’ve had a lot of fun with sensory play this month…. making Moon Sand, Play Dough, and Flubber goo! We’ve also been enjoying the community pool, as both older kids are now swimming around on their own! What projects, of fun things have you done with your kids this summer?