I felt like I had a very productive day today. Yes, we ate a mixture of leftovers and snacks for dinner, but… I went through the kids room (clothes, closet, changing table, everything) and for the first time since moving here (in December), it is 100% organized and straightened! I know, it will only last a couple weeks at most, until the weather warms up enough to bag up the majority of the winter stuff, and I start using the dresser for “things I don’t have time to put away” (tell me I’m not the only mom who does that).


Getting their room organized (fully organized) has been something I’ve been working towards for 4 months now! It feels so great to have it done! Now if I can just find a day to do the same in my room! While I have come to fully realize the reality that most of the time, big projects get accomplished by chipping away at them little by little, now that I have Little Ones (demanding my frequent attention and trying to be oh, so very helpful), I still prefer to take one day or afternoon and just do the whole thing! However, as I think about that, I realize that the reason such projects have been getting finished so well to my liking, is because I am forced to take my time, and just focus on one area at a time. It gives me more time to reflect on where things would best fit, and what would be most practical.


We finished the day by making homemade Cheese Crackers (they taste like Cheez-its!) and a visit from Grammie. Today was also the first day in a couple weeks that I didn’t feel like I desperately needed a nap at 2 o’clock. That was SO nice!


Next big project (which I’m hoping to enlist help on) is to go through and organize all the kids clothes from newborn to current sizes. I’ve been horrible at just throwing outgrown clothes into bags in the closet until they’re full then moving them to the garage.

What projects have you accomplished recently? How do you keep your kids “don’t fit into anymore” clothes organized for the next kids? Is it worth holding onto everything for 4 years waiting to be used by the next kid? It just seems like I have so many clothes stockpiling up and there’s not even another baby on the way yet! So I ask you, how do you keep it organized?


6 thoughts on “Productive

  1. I totally have the kids too small clothes in garbage bags out in the garage too! The last week i have been trying to organize it. It is slowly getting there. I have decided to only keep the clothes i really liked of the kids that are now too small and give away the rest.

    I have been working on helping Sam remodel our house & i have also been trying to organize it since we moved in. This house is a big project but finally getting there.

    • I hear you! Yeah, I’m thinking I don’t need to keep all the clothes that these kids didn’t wear just because the next ones might.

      I can imagine what a project remodeling a house is! But it will feel so great when it’s all done, I’m sure! 🙂

  2. Definitely know about the “don’t fit anymore” piles! Basically what I do now Rubbermaid totes labeled w the age/gender. So far I’ve found for us it’s worth it to save clothes because the girls are less than 2 years apart. I can see if your kids ages were further apart, it might not be though. If you have room to keep them, I would. But if not, you definitely might prefer having the space vs. clothes…

    • I’m thinking I really need more plastic bins. We’ve been so blessed to have pretty much all the kids clothes given to us, that I don’t want to risk getting rid of half of the stuff only to have to go spend money to replace it all in a couple years. It just seems sometimes like there is so much stuff in the garage!

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