A Challenge

I saved my church bulletin from graduation time last year because I liked the challenge on it. I found it while going through the kids room last week and thought it was too good not to share. So here it is:


A Graduation Challenge

“Go with God…

Grow in Grace…

Search His promises…

Seek His face.”




I’m joining the Linkup over at Trina Holden’s blog.

I have visited a few thrift stores, and a couple consignment shops over the years. While I always found some “great finds”, I never really “got into it”.  After reading Embracing Beauty by Trina Holden, I started thinking I’d been missing out (especially since I knew a few people who were “into it”). I’ve come to the conclusion that I definitely was! Not anymore though!

Of course, have I taken any pictures of my finds yet? No! My camera seems to never be handy when I need it! But, I’ll do almost as good and tell you about them!


I went shopping twice in one week to 2 different Thrift Stores. I’ve been told and read that it’s best to go on the fabulous half off day. Which I would love to do, if I can ever talk someone into going with and taking me, but since my hardworking husband works on those days, it’s out of the question for now. But that’s okay, because I still found some pretty sweet deals! My list consisted of a handful of items with plans to tackle only the first, and look at the rest if I had time and the kids weren’t too antsy.

My list:

A couple tunics or maxi dresses for the summer (or fall, especially if I could wear it pregnant, since I completely wore out all my maternity clothes with my last 42 week pregnancy. You know, 2 of those, equalls 84 weeks of wearing clothes…. you get the picture)

Summer Pj’s for Andrew (I’m getting really low on clothes for him)

Tshirts for Andrew

Anything with Trains (Andrew likes anything with trains. He’s not obsessed with Thomas and Friends, he only likes Thomas because it’s trains.)

Something Girly for Natalie to play with

And a couple unique gifts if I should find something “just right”.


My first trip, I found a Teal, sleeveless, knee-length dress that would go well with a cardigan I have and leggings; and a grey short sleeved sweater-tunic I could wear with jeans through the spring. Grey by itself isn’t exactly my color, but it pairs well as the background for my accesseries (purple pendant necklace with matching earings, and a Teal Cardigan I love).

On that trip I also found a “duplo” dump truck for Andrew to play with outside since we have no such toys. It was the best $0.99 I ever spent based on the fun he’s had with it over the last week.  We also found several books including a Thomas book in not so great condition (cover was a bit bent and mangled) but nothing a little tape couldn’t help, and it is the new favorite!


Our second trip was much more successful and we hit some sales (that I didn’t even know about until I looked at my receipt because I have yet to figure out where to look for that or to ask about it).

We found:

2 dresses (both below the knee length, 1 pink, and 1 purple) Not the maxi style I thought I would stick to this summer, but I think it will be more of a mix. If you haven’t figured out, my main, favorite colors are Teal and Purple. The pink is a little out of my color scheme, but since I currently don’t have a lot for brighter clothes (everything is teal, purple, or black), and it looked good (was also a Lane Bryant in excellent condition) I went for it.

3 tunics/tops for the fall and winter that I can wear pregnant or not (unless I lose a lot of weight, then 2 of them might not fit me unless I’m pregnant, but that was on my list, so score!)

Cars pajamas for Andrew for $2

3 smaller trucks that can go outsife for $1.50 total

A plastic plate (we only owned 2 so, always have my eyes out for those) that has trains on it for $0.49

And a brand new card game for $0.99


Nothing for Natalie, but when I tried to show her a cute dress, she wasn’t interested so I put it back on the rack. If I don’t love it, she doesn’t seem interested in it, then why buy it?


I’m very excited about my new found hobby of thrifting. I even told my husband I would love a day at the Thrift Store for my birthday!


Thanks to Trina Holden for all her hard work on Embracing Beauty to help me realize that I have slowly been defining what my colors are, if I looked in the closet, and just need to go from there, thinking about what not only looks good, but what I love wearing. And for getting me hooked on Thrifting! 🙂



I felt like I had a very productive day today. Yes, we ate a mixture of leftovers and snacks for dinner, but… I went through the kids room (clothes, closet, changing table, everything) and for the first time since moving here (in December), it is 100% organized and straightened! I know, it will only last a couple weeks at most, until the weather warms up enough to bag up the majority of the winter stuff, and I start using the dresser for “things I don’t have time to put away” (tell me I’m not the only mom who does that).


Getting their room organized (fully organized) has been something I’ve been working towards for 4 months now! It feels so great to have it done! Now if I can just find a day to do the same in my room! While I have come to fully realize the reality that most of the time, big projects get accomplished by chipping away at them little by little, now that I have Little Ones (demanding my frequent attention and trying to be oh, so very helpful), I still prefer to take one day or afternoon and just do the whole thing! However, as I think about that, I realize that the reason such projects have been getting finished so well to my liking, is because I am forced to take my time, and just focus on one area at a time. It gives me more time to reflect on where things would best fit, and what would be most practical.


We finished the day by making homemade Cheese Crackers (they taste like Cheez-its!) and a visit from Grammie. Today was also the first day in a couple weeks that I didn’t feel like I desperately needed a nap at 2 o’clock. That was SO nice!


Next big project (which I’m hoping to enlist help on) is to go through and organize all the kids clothes from newborn to current sizes. I’ve been horrible at just throwing outgrown clothes into bags in the closet until they’re full then moving them to the garage.

What projects have you accomplished recently? How do you keep your kids “don’t fit into anymore” clothes organized for the next kids? Is it worth holding onto everything for 4 years waiting to be used by the next kid? It just seems like I have so many clothes stockpiling up and there’s not even another baby on the way yet! So I ask you, how do you keep it organized?

Finding God in the Moment

Last week I started pre-reading Embracing Beauty  by Trina Holden, in anticipation of it’s new release this week. At the same time, I was wrestling with feeling like it was incredible that my walk with God even exists because ever since having my 2 wonderful children, I can glance through my Journal and find maybe 20 entries I’m guessing. How can I feel so close to God yet still feel like I shouldn’t be, or I’m not?


Through my teen years I led a discipleship group for young ladies, and studying for those lessons was something I did on top of my daily 1-2 hours of being in the Word, journaling, prayer time. They often coincided, but I spent hours a week with God. But now, that’s not always practical. Well, according to the above paragraph, such times are almost “non-existent”.

Over the last week, through reading Embracing Beauty, beautiful days outside with my kids, date time with my husband, and just life, God has shown me that just because I don’t spend 1-2 hours every day reading and studying His word, doesn’t mean my relationship with Him isn’t there, it just doesn’t look the same right now.

Right now, for me, it’s about keeping my focus on Him in all that I’m doing. Praying, talking to Him all the time, while I’m doing other stuff, and in those few quiet moments. And when it seems like I have some time to get in the Word, I go for it! (And when it gets cut short, I focus on being thankful for the time I did get, even if it was 4 minutes!) It’s easy to become so focused on the kids, keeping up the home, oh! and don’t forget the Husband, to forget to communicate with Him who made us! It’s almost like a treasure hunt. Looking for God, His fingerprints on everything around me, giving Him glory, and going to Him with all that’s on my heart and mind.

He’s just been reminding me to keep looking to Him in the here and now. Not making it about specific times of Bible quiet time, making everything about Him as I live my life.


Look for a review of Embracing Beauty in the next couple days, and a guest post by author, Trina Holden in the next couple weeks!