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2 thoughts on “Test

  1. wow. you totally just described conversations God has with me concerning being engaged with my children. My selfish heart wants to ‘check out’ by the end of the day, but there are so many little moments to tie heart strings if I’m willing. Thanks for sharing these heart conversations and reminding me of the fruit of selflessness.

    • I know what you mean about your selfish heart wanting to “check out” at the end of the day. It seems like too often 2 hours before bedtime I find myself saying “Lord, why can’t it be 2 minutes?” Then He reminds me it’s not about me. It’s okay that I’m tired, but I shouldn’t let it affect my attitude. I try to remember at those times that it might be a good idea to just sit down and read with the kids. Or participate in their play. It’s hard. But whenever this whole mom thing seems hard, I remind myself that if it’s hard then it’s good! 🙂

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